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As part of the Bristol scene that spawned AMP, Flying Saucer Attack and Crescent, among others, Matt Elliott has been involved with various of those bands beside his own Third Eye Foundation. Some of these bands (Lynda's Strange Vacation and The Secret Garden) never released any records (as far as I know), and are not included here - also because I don't have any details about them whatsoever. Anyone with any info about any of them (or other bands that involved Matt), please let me know.
Listed here are the other bands and records that I know that Matt was involved with in a capacity other than producer or remixer.
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AMP formed out the musical wanderings of Richard formerly a collaborator with Dave Pearce (FSA) in The Secret Garden and the Distance project. After inspiring French singer Karine Charff with a cassette/short story produced in 1992 (recorded with Ray Dickaty/Skree/Moonshake/Spiritualized) AMP as we know it was born on record in 1995/96 when their first single 'Get There' was released.
They initially recorded some material at home and in Wales with Matt Elliott now of Third Eye Foundation and Matt Jones of Crescent. The first singles 'Get There', 'Le Petit Chat' and first album 'Sirenes' were released in 1996.
Karine and Richard went on to work more closely with Guy Cooper and Gareth Mitchell, former compatriots in The Secret Garden after the two Matt's departed to work on their own projects. More sessions at home and in Wales resulted in the first album for the Kranky label 'Astralmoonbeamprojections' in 1997.
(adapted from the AMP site at Southern Records.)

Beneath are all the AMP records that feature Matt Elliott:

Karine & Richard

AMP: Get There  7"
UK: Linda's Strange Vacation LSD 01 (1995)
(n.b. 'Get There' is listed just about everywhere as the single's A-side, but on my copy it really is 'Remember?' that is on side A)
A.Remember?   (Matt Elliott: guitar, drums)
B.Get there   (Matt Elliott: guitar, drums & viola)
Get There / Remember? (front)

AMP: Frise  7"
UK: Würlitzer Jukebox WJ7 (1996)
A.Frise   (Matt Elliott: programming & guitar)
B.Le petit chat   (Matt Elliott: guitar & drum programming)
Frise (front)

AMP: Sirčnes  LP/CD
UK: LP: Linda's Strange Vacation LSD 03 (1996)
UK: CD: Würlitzer Jukebox WJ9 (1996) [edition of 1000]
US: CD: Petrol OIL 004-2 (1996)
Playing on this album are Richard and Karine, Matt Elliott, Dave Mercer (Light), Paul Gulatic (Soundsmith), Matt Jones (Crescent), Gareth Mitchell (Philosopher's Stone) and Guy Cooper.
  Merry go down    
B.Rave mantra    
  Matilda's shorts wave    
  Soft stone soul    
  So be it    
Sirčnes (front)

AMP: Astralmoonbeamprojections  2xLP/CD
US: Kranky KRANK017(CD) (1997)
C.Stellata   (feat. Matt Elliott)
Astralmoonbeamprojections (front)

AMP: Passe Present  2xLP/CD
UK: Enraptured (1997)
A compilation of early singles.
Last two tracks available on the double vinyl only.
Remember   (Matt Elliott: guitar, drums)
Ombres   (Matt Elliott: guitar, programming)
Scarborough fair    
Get there   (Matt Elliott: guitar, drums, viola)
Le petit chat   (Matt Elliott: guitar, drum programming)
Noir et noir    
Frise   (Matt Elliott: programming, guitar)
Untitled demo    
Le petit chat (live)    
Passe Present (front)

AMP: All Of Yesterday Tomorrow  3xCD
UK: RROOPP RR02PP (07/2007)
3CD compilation featuring several tracks featuring Matt:

Remember, Frise, Get There, Le Petit Chat and Ombres
All Of Yesterday Tomorrow

Flying Saucer Attack
Flying Saucer Attack, also from Bristol, is Dave Pearce. Released their first single in 1993, when they were still a duo, also featuring Rachel Brook, now of Movietone. Various people were at one point part of FSA's live line-up; among them, Kate Wright and Matt Elliott who both played with the band during their first live outings.

Flying Saucer Attack  LP/CD
UK: LP: FSA FSA-62 (1993)
US: LP/CD: VHF VHF#11 (1994)
nb: the 'Third Eye' credited on this album could be Matt, but I read a quote from Dave Pearce somewhere that said that in the early days, Third Eye Foundation '...was a bunch of people including self [Dave], Rachel, and indeed Matt Elliott, banging bongos. Not much to do with current Third Eye I'd say.', so who knows.
A.My dreaming hill    
  A silent tide    
  Moonset   (bongos & clarinet by Third Eye; written by FSA/3EF)
  Make me a dream   (bongos by Third Eye)
B.Popl Vuh 2    
  The drowners    
  Popol Vuh 1   (bongos by Third Eye)
  The season is ours    
Flying Saucer Attack (front)

Flying Saucer Attack: Distance  LP/CD
UK: Domino WIG(LP/CD)12 (1994)
USA: VHF Records VHF#14 (1994; CD only)
A.Oceans   (percussion by The Third Eye Foundation)
  Standing Stone    
  Crystal Shade    
  Instrumental Wish    
  November Mist    
  Soaring High    
  Oceans 2    
Distance (front)

Flying Saucer Attack: Further  LP/CD
UK: Domino WIG20(CD) (1995)
US: Drag City DC69 (1995)
A.Rainstorm blues    
  In the light of time    
  Come and close my eyes    
  For silence    
B.Still point   (lead accoustic by Matt)
  Here am I    
  To the shore    
  She is the daylight    
Further (front)

Flying Saucer Attack: In Search Of Spaces  CD
OZ: Corpus Hermeticum HERMES 017/018 (1996)
Live tapes from early '94; I don't know if there is any personnel listed on the cover of the CD, but since Matt was part of the early FSA live line-up, it's likely that he is present on at least some of the tracks on the CD.

(no tracklisting)
In Search Of Spaces (front)

Flying Saucer Attack: P.A. Blues  CD-R
USA: VHF VHF#74 (2004)
Live material compiled by Dave Pearce. Recorded at various shows and rehearsals in 1994/1995.
P.A. blues   (features Matt Elliott)
She moved through the fair / Destruction    
The season is ours   (features Matt Elliott)
Instrumental   (features Matt Elliott)
P.A. Blues (front)

Foehn is Deb Parsons, who has collaborated with Movietone and Third Eye Foundation. Foehn is the sound of treated guitars, clarinets, samples and whispered vocals. 'Inside-out eyes' from 1998 is her debut album, the second album 'Silent Light' was released in 1999, both on Swarffinger records.
Deb collaborated with Matt on the first two Third Eye Foundation albums; the track 'The Star's Gone Out' on 3EF's 'Ghost' is also credited to Foehn. (adapted from the Foehn site at Swarffinger Records.)

Foehn: Insideout Eyes  LP/CD
UK: Swarffinger sfr016(CD) (1998)
All copies with individually painted sleeves.
A.I don't find you very funny    
  Just a while longer    
  Two bodies tangled in love   (co-written by Matt Elliott)
  Sleep - goodnight    
B.Looking for something real    
  It's oh so strange   (co-written by Matt Elliott)
  Numb silence    
  Sailing in oval rooms    
  We fell    
Insideout Eyes (front)

Foehn: XY Experiment  
Track on A Label Supreme compilation
UK: Swarf Finger SF022CD (1998)
Co-produced by Matt Elliott.
A Label Supreme (front)

Bristol based band, with Kate Wright, Rachel Brook and Matt Jones at it's core. The threesome released their first 7", 'She Smiled Mandarine Like' on Planet records on 1994. Soon after, they were joined by Ros Walford and Matt Elliott to record a Peel session, a second single and their self-titled debut album, both on Planet records. Matt stayed on board until 1997, appearing on the second album, 'Day And Night' and the follwing Peel session. Other members (have) include(d) Clare Ring, Flo Lovegrove, Chris Cole and Sam Jones.

Learn more about Movietone at the Domino Records Movietone site.

Only the Movietone records that Matt Elliott appears on are listed here. Besides these, Movietone did three Peel sessions while Matt was a member, in June 1994, February 1996 and September 1997.

Back row:
Florence Lovegrove, Matt Elliott, Rachel Brook
Front Row: Kate Wright, Matt Jones
photo ©Kate Wright

Movietone: Mono Valley  7"
UK: Planet PUNK009 (1995)
Matt Elliott plays guitar on both tracks.
A.Mono valley    
B.Under the 3000 foot red ceiling    

Vinyl etchings -B: - OUT THERE - IT REALLY SWINGS..
Mono Valley (front)

Movietone  LP/CD
UK: Planet PUNK010(CD) (1995)
UK: Geographic GEOG19 (CD only; remastered) (2003)
CD extra tracks only on 2003 re-issue.
Features Matt Elliott on guitar.
A.Chance is her opera    
  Heatwave pavement    
  Green ray    
  Orange zero    
  Late july    
  Darkness - blue glow    
B.Mono valley    
  Coastal lagoon    
  Alkaline eye    
  3am walking smoking talking    
  Three fires    
CDShe smiled mandarine like    
CD Under the 3000ft red ceiling    
CDOrange zero (single)    
CD Chance is her opera (demo)    
Movietone (front)

Movietone: Useless Landscape  7"
UK: Planet PUNK013 (1995)
Matt Elliott plays guitar on both tracks.
A.Useless landscape    
Useless Landscape (front)

Movietone: Sun Drawing  7"
UK: Domino RUG 56 (1997)
Matt Elliott plays guitar on both tracks.
A.Sun drawing    
B.Marine océano    
Sun Drawing (front)

Movietone: Day And Night  LP/CD
UK: Domino WIG(CD)36 (1997)
Features Matt Elliott on guitar, drums and hammond organ.
A.Sun drawing    
  Blank like snow    
  Useless landscape    
B.Night of the acacias    
  Noch marina    
  The crystallisation of salt at night    
Day And Night (front)

Other appearences

Gudrun Gut: Rock Bottom Riser  
Track on the Gudrun Gut album 'I Put A Record On' (Monika Enterprise monika 55, Germany 2007). Matt sings and plays guitar.
From Sound Revolt: "Rock Bottom Riser - a cover version of a Smog tune - came about during office hours with monika associate Uta Heller: a spontaneous sing along in the Monika office, and the recording was finished off with Matt Elliot singing the male vocal."
I Put A Record On (front)

Orka: Volmar Letur Eygađ Aftur & Triđja Dagin  
Two tracks on the Orka album 'Livandi Oyđa' that feature Third Eye Foundation as collaborator.
FR: Ici D'Ailleurs IDA050 LP/CD+DVD (2008)
Livandi Oyđa