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I've grown tired of having to edit out a constant stream of spam messages every day, so the way this thing works has changed a bit. You can still leave feedback, but it is not posted directly. Instead, it is sent by e-mail to me, the administrator of this site. If it is legit, I will post it here as soon as possible. I monitor my e-mail most of the time, so it should never take longer then a day. If it is spam, it will be gleefully ignored until I find a way of sending bloodthirsty insurgents to the originating IP addresses (which I all save, by the way).
Please note: just as I have never edited out anything weird, controversial, silly etc. in the past, I will still post everything people want to say, except spam; the way I see it, Viagra has very little relevance to Matt's music.

Sorry about having to do this. Your feedback is very much appreciated, so keep giving it! It's just that I've got better things to do then clean up behind sad people all the time.

Anaïs [28/10/2012 15:00:03]
Concert in Reims, touching, it will haunt me for long...
Alex [29/07/2012 13:20:46]
Pure beauty. I'm in love with your music. Greeting from Russia.
Gabor [16/04/2012 15:20:31]

Geert [07/04/2012 10:30:34]
Hi Matt, found out about your music today... astonishing, got me amazed and
puzzled... beautiful! Hope to see and hear you playing in the Netherlands someday.
illot [09/03/2012 12:04:01]
if anyone tells Me... i wouldn't believe him...Masterpiece...
Tom Robinson [13/02/2012 16:56:38]
Hi Matt - we're going to plauy the full 9 minute version of Dust Flesh and Bones on BBC 6 Music this Sunday night. Can you please send us a quick email so we have your address and can send you details. Thanks!
Constantine Sofikitis (sofcon@otenet.gr) [12/02/2012 10:46:48]
Can't thank you enough.
Thank you.
paolo (larrotino@email.com) [24/01/2012 14:13:16]
ehi! i purchased the new album! it's realy good!! there is no way to have also the lyrics? i tried to serch it in the site with bad results! i hope you can help me! :D
Sanam N (saman.vision@gmail.com) [09/12/2011 17:17:43]
Matt , I have a personal message for you . can you please contact me by my email ?
Thank you .
Saman N (saman.vision@gmail.com) [09/12/2011 09:54:22]
Matt , what can I say while words aren't enough to describe my inside ?
I just want to say I live with your music . it is so near to me . sometimes I feel it comes from a soul who lives in my body too . I'm so close with that sadness in your music , it's so worthy and humanistic . something unique that I can't find in any other band , your music is like a ship floated over a dark ocean . you are amazing man ...just keep it continue please .
maia hough (glisteringsea@gmail.com) [16/10/2011 12:42:00]
Dear Matt,
Sorry to bother you, as a child i remember a gorgeous version of 'Some Velvet Morning' you did coming from the radio. Now that memory is not the only place you can find things, is it possible to buy/obtain it from you? If it is not, or it wasn't you, don't waste your life replying! Thanks a lot, maia
marion (marionbl@hotmail.fr) [13/08/2011 11:11:27]
Hi Matt, really nice to meet you on this train! I hope i will see you on stage soon.
Ciao !
Claire (clizal@gmail.com) [05/07/2011 13:52:58]
Hi Matt,
voilà qu'internet entre dans mon salon... peut-être était-il temps, mais je résistai jusque-là... une des premières choses que j'ai envie de faire, c'est de prendre enfin le temps de t'écrire et je me permettrai de le faire en français. désolée pour les non-francophones.
j'ai découvert The Third Eye Foundation en 96-97 avec Semtex (que j'ai et que tu m'as dédicacé au coin d'une petite église à l'occasion du festival à Sainte Marie aux Mines en mai 2009). ta musique, ton son ont su accompagner toutes mes humeurs de l'euphorie à la mélancolie, de l’émerveillement à la colère, tellement de moments de ma vie. certains artistes ou albums s'écoutent un temps, puis on passe à autre chose... mais ta musique m'emporte toujours et encore. c'est une longue histoire. "c'est étrange, je me sens bien. la musique lancinante et profonde m'entraîne toujours. je découvre un monde de transe, une autre dimension. un autre moi. cet autre moi comme si tu le connaissais..." petite dédicace à ton intention écrite à l'époque au dos de mon album "Little Lost Soul".
2010-2011 merci, merci pour The Dark. je l'attendais. difficile de décrire les sensations qu'il m'a procuré en l'écoutant.... merci pour ta façon de percevoir le monde en tant qu'artiste et en tant qu'humain. il fallait que je te le dise un jour. keep on. bye
TanTylash (maxime.noe@hotmail.com) [15/02/2011 11:59:05]
Fantastic trip this new EP, please come to Zürich on 2011 !

Isabel (suizagona@gmail.com) [09/02/2011 09:11:23]
You're music is absolutely, extremely, magnificently amazing. I feel like I'm in some weird psychedelic, Gypsy dream when listening to Something about Ghosts. So I just wanted to say that you're a genius for being able to create such powerful music and PLEASE COME TOUR IN THE US!!!!!! (More specifically New England)

From Russia (rstm9@yandex.ru) [31/01/2011 10:35:07]
Matt, I've came across your new song 'This is how it feels to be alone'. And found myself with a rather confusing thought: I am not looking forward for a new album of the artist I hugely respect (i.e. you). This song already delivers on such a level that I am lost for words. I've learnt it on a piano and keep playing and singing it every time I am alone (which means my kids are in bed:). I don't know much about chords progression and hardly believe that you know some Slavic vibe voodoo secret, but thank you so much! If I was a girl I could've written 10 pages packed with emotions and philosophical observations on the lasting impressions your music makes. Since I'm not, I can only repeat: thank you, Mr. Elliott!

Xabi (pazlema@yahoo.es) [09/01/2011 23:02:02]
Hi Matt,
The beautiful sadness of your music remains me to the ancient character of Galicia, as the song "Negra sombra" (words: Rosal?a de Castro, music: Xoan Mont?s)
Try to listen some choral version. I hope you?ll like it.
matt elliott (mattelliottmusic@yahoo.co.uk) [03/01/2011 23:42:52]
Happy new year to everyone and thanks to all those who helped make 2010 such a good year for Matt Elliott/Third eye Foundation. Massive props to Maarten as always.
vadim (contact@label-maison.org) [26/12/2010 14:22:57]
To Matt Elliott... your voice is warm... thanks for share it... and thanks for sharing the smoke of your brain...

Guillaume [18/12/2010 17:24:15]
Hi Matt,
it's so good to hear new music from Third Eye Foundation again! I couldn't believe it as I heard about the new album for a couple of days. I hope you'll play live as
3ef soon too!

Steve Porter (cloudbase23@gmail.com) [24/11/2010 10:12:16]
Somehow never managed to catch up with your work till Coil pointed me in the direction of ici and 'This Immortal Coil'
Then I chanced a spin of Your box set and Howling songs which was and is stunning!

The Dark arrived this dark Irish evening. An incandescent brawl of a record.
Completely captivating and mesmerising.

Cheers !
d p (dagon.poseidon@gmail.com) [13/10/2010 15:59:48]
Past 10 years - good stuff for compilation album of remixes.
GiA4 [22/08/2010 12:11:44]
Great Artwork!!!
....waiting for "the dark"

maarten (info@thirdeyefoundation.com) [11/08/2010 13:19:23]
back again! sorry about that error...
Dinesh (retail@dkpd.com) [24/12/2009 12:13:53]
Dear Sir,

We would like to purchase a copy of the book "Psycho-Analysis and Meditation Certain Related Essays:: B.S. Goel" published by you. Kindly let us have your official address, so that we may pick up a copy.

Thanking and awaiting for your early feedback.

Dinesh Panthri
Yegor (dice89@mail.ru) [22/12/2009 02:04:21]
thank you. it's something i'm having in my heart since childhood(your music). Matt, it's very very unpleasant that your name wasn't mentioned on f,,,,,, billboards on 12 dec. (Moscow) !!! i'm mad about it. Excuse me for my curiosity , but have you got any relations in musical sphere with Declan De Barra?)))
If you can, PLEASE can you post your lyrics... i can't recognise some words because of your mystic accent ))))))) It's funny many people call the style of your music - absent songs (very romantique)
Jim [03/12/2009 17:06:27]
received my box set of 'songs' today and am working my way through. so far it is all every bit as good as 'The Mess We Made' Making Thom Yorke seem like Mika in the melancholy music stakes

Paolo (triplesol@live.com) [04/11/2009 20:44:55]
Hi Matt! Your albums are amazing! currently I\'m listening a lot to Howling Songs and Failing Songs and both records are breathtaking! Greetings from Chile!
mathieu (mathieu.subra@gmail.com) [20/10/2009 14:50:27]
Man, you should do other vinyl release than the one of howling songs. Really.
Send an email if u pass by Toulouse, free drink and free cassoulet for you :)
Ryan (brindley.ryan@hotmail.com) [01/06/2009 16:40:09]
I just heard a remix you did on a mogwai track. it made me come to this site, and i travelled to your myspace page. I think your sound on guitar is fantastic. and want to purchase everything you touched, so with me being in Canada i was wondering the best place to go. if you can email me your reply.
maarten [07/03/2009 15:47:19]
better short then not! and you got to embarrass me in front of a live audience :)
matt elliott [07/03/2009 15:46:14]
So to answer some questions. As far as i know there are no scores that i am aware of. The shows in spain will be solo but hopefully i will have a guest in Madrid & the new Third Eye foundation albums planning (as much as one can plan these things) is taking shape & will include collaboration by some good friends......... three cheers for maarten as always for maintaining this site, sorry our last meeting was so brief bro.
jonas (ocana_jonathan@yahoo.es) [06/03/2009 15:13:12]
hi everybody!

i want to know how is going to be the next gigs in spain, will matt play alone or with a band?

thanx matt for these last four records. the songs are just perfects.

see u in lierganes or maybe in vitoria, or both
Samuel (samuel-allain@hotmail.fr) [22/02/2009 13:05:03]
Are there some scores (whatever the album...)on internet ?
If someone know where i could find guitars scores it would be very kind. Thanks. :)
xverdxse (infinite.infinities@gmail.com) [10/02/2009 19:23:12]
third eye foundation is one of the most dark, depressing and wonderful sources of music i have yet discovered. after listening for over 5 years TEF is one of my favorite musical projects of all time. thank you

laurent / Ici d\'ailleurs (laurent@icidailleurs.com) [29/01/2009 20:50:05]

new great tshirt with Uncle Vania\'s art available : http://www.icidailleurs.com/artistes/mattelliott.htm
Sandra (sandra.kleinert@gmail.com) [19/01/2009 19:56:14]
Hi there,
is there any reason why The Third Eye Foundation/Matt Elliot aren´t coming to germany??
It would be great..
Maybe next year...??
glenn (ful.arisan@gmail.com) [02/11/2008 13:03:16]
Howling Songs is just amazing.

Please please please, press vinyl format of the album .And also of "The Mess We Made" and "Drinking Songs"
laurent / Ici d'ailleurs (laurent@icidailleurs.com) [07/10/2008 19:04:37]
hey all,
you can order the new album now on http://www.icidailleurs.com/artistes/mattelliott.htm !

howl's moving killsoul (insection4@hotmail.com) [05/10/2008 15:45:23]
"And by the way, a new album by The Third Eye Foundation is to be released in 2009 !" ~ via icidailleurs.com
howl's moving killsoul (insection4@hotmail.com) [28/08/2008 21:02:03]
update the news
matt elliott =
howling songs
october 2008

Robert [15/02/2008 08:47:14]
and for when a new album? I need it.
Robert [15/02/2008 08:45:51]
well that was all.

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