Matt Elliott  (2005)
by Maarten Schermer
Third Eye Foundation  (2001)
by Jack Hayes
Third Eye Foundation  (1999)
by Andy N
Third Eye Foundation  (1998)
by Nick Talbot
Third Eye Foundation  (1997)
by Howard Shih
Black Online (circa 2009; in German)
Only angels have wings (06/2005)
Exit Music (in German) (03/2005) [local copy]
w-h-y ? (03/2005; same interview, in French)
Premonition Magazine (08/2004; in French) (2004; also some pictures of Matt and of Manyfingers)
Short Q&A at SodaPop (circa 2003; in Italian)
Dusted Magazine's Friday Top 10 by Matt Elliott (2003)
Six questions at Jadeweb (2002)
The [Gri:n] Files (08/2001)
Domino Records (01/2000) [local copy]
Matamore: #3 - Outside the Dark Star (the "Little Lost Soul" interview) (01/2000; in French) [local copy]
Luna Kafé: An Interview in Cologne (1999)
Matamore: #2 - Inside the Dark Star (the "You Guys Kill Me" interview) (10/1998; in French) [local copy]
Soundcollector (1998) [local copy]
Obsessive Eye: Over The Edge... (1997; scroll down on the first page to continue) [local copy]
Matamore: #1 - Dark Star (The "Ghost" interview) (12/1997; in French) [local copy]
Mod Magazine (circa 1998/9)

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