Matt Elliott: I'm Going Mad, I'm Going To Kill People Soon  CD-R
UK/JAP?: Made In Brostol MIB 2 (1999)
Obscure CD-R release, likely a bootleg, although it does contain some original material.
Sold only through Disc Shop Zero in Japan but has a Bristol P.O. box on the back.
The same "label" also has a Foehn CD called "Short Sound Experiments".
Alarm song    
Untitled 1    
Untitled 2    
Untitled 3    
3rd Eye Foundation vs Navigator    
3rd Eye Foundation vs Wormhole    
The out sound from way in (version)    
3rd Eye Foundation vs Gauge    
I'm Going Mad, I'm Going To Kill People Soon

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The Third Eye Foundation: unreleased live show  
A live gig Matt did with some throatsingers in Berlin in the late 90s was supposed to come out on record. This never happened, but the untitled track by The Third Eye Foundation vs. Paizs Miklos & Szabolcs Toth, found here, is most likely from that gig.

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