News (1999)

5 november 1999
The new Wire magazine comes with a CD with, among other nice goodies, a track from the forthcoming Third Eye Foundation album. It's called 'Goddamit you've got to be kind'.
3 november 1999
The Remote Viewer is going to remix a Third Eye Foundation track; in return, Third Eye Foundation will be remixing their LP. More news on this when I get it.
I've been seeing a Third Eye Foundation release called 'Losing a whole year' in some mail-order Matt himself doesn't know what this is, and everytime I order it, it's sold out. I tried again when I found it in the Sister Ray catalogue a couple of weeks ago (on 7" and CD), but so far, no joy. If anyone has any info, please let me know.
15 october 1999
New Third Eye Foundation single coming out late november What Is It With You
New Third Eye Foundation album in january called Little Lost Soul