News (2000)

16 december 2000
A new Third Eye track called 'Happily after (Mumia version)' has been of released on the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal compilation. Out now.
27 november 2000
New Third Eye remix of Micro:mega. Out now.
21 october 2000
Matt has been so kind to donate an exclusive unreleased extended version of 'Stone Cold Said So' to! Thanks Matt. Hear it now.
Rocket Recordings have put out a new Suncoil Sect single called 'Freeform Energy Freakout', recorded with Matt Elliott. An album is to follow soon.
10 october 2000
The next 3EF release will most likely be an album of remixed Third Eye tracks. There are no further details as yet, but if it will be released, it will probably be early next year. There will be no more singles from Little Lost Soul.
1 october 2000
New Third Eye remix of Blonde Redhead - beautiful piano based tune. Out now.
19 july 2000
There's an interview with Matt in the new issue of Grooves magazine. More info to be found at
13 july 2000
'Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles' is now out on 555. It features tracks & remixes by Accelera Deck kid606, The Remote Viewer, Steward a.o., as well as a Third Eye Foundation remix of The Remote Viewers 'All of the wckwc want to be abstract'
28 june 2000
Most likely, the Third Eye Foundation contribution to the 555 compilation is going to be a remix of The Remote Viewer's "All of the wckwc want to be abstract"
18 june 2000
Domino is about to release the new Movietone album titled 'The Blossom Filled Streets'. Check the Domino site for more info.
The 555 compilation 'Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles - 555 Remixed' should be out before the end of the month. Check the 555 site for more info.
22 may 2000
There will be a remix compilation out on 555 soon with track/remixes by Third Eye Foundation, Kid 606, Hood, Remote Viewer et al. More info to follow.
5 april 2000
Two new Third Eye remixes out now: Urchin & a new Suncoil Sect single.
8 february 2000
New single out now! Different and strangely beautiful. Hear it now or better still, go out and buy it.
26 january 2000
There's a great interview about the new album on the Domino site.
Full mp3 of What Is It With You now available at Merge.