News (2001)

3 december 2001
Pause_2 is releasing the mini-album 'The Gatehouse' by Gauge today. It has a remix by Matt, done in 1997 (or thereabouts), but released never before (thanks to Tom).
12 september 2001
Bovine Life's 'Social Electrics' CD info now available.
12 september 2001
It's been a while... no news on new tunes by Matt, although there are occasional rumours...
Bovine Life's 'Social Electrics II' has been relased on CD, including one or more tracks with samples by/in collaboration with 3EF. More info soon.
30 may 2001
Matt now has a baby son called Vincent, and he's apparently noisy and happy and well. Congratulations from everyone.
More good news: rumours have it Matt's busier than ever on something musical, although probably no longer as 3EF. I can't wait.
5 april 2001
Neil Moore, college radio DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area is putting together together a four(!) hour radio special on The Third Eye Foundation which will air on May 8th at 10pm PST on KFJC 89.7FM. It will include an interview with Matt and lots of Third Eye music. Don't miss it. Check out the station's website at
5 march 2001
Apparently, 'I Poo Poo...' is going to be the final Third Eye Foundation release. There's a message on the Domino site that reads:
 "So this is to be some kind of stunning farewell to The Third Eye Foundation; Matt Elliott feeling that its dark atmos is probably too overwhelming for the skills he needs to bring to fatherhood. Well this is a beautiful way to go, in a series of treatments that takes in everything from Chris Morris to Jonathan Richman, alongside fellow travellers like The Remote Viewer and Berlin's Tarwater. Some of this music may even be his best; a fantastic opening track, all early 20thC piano minimalism, giving way to dislocated vocals and beautiful abstracts and other stuff. Some parts feel like the ultimate Central European-located spy film, some parts are like Middle-Eastern market-places, and some parts are like nowhere. Matt, wherever you are, come back soon."
 A review of 'I Poo Poo...' in the latest issue of NME also states that this is to be te last Third Eye release. They give the album 9 points out of 10. A worthy coda.
4 march 2001
'I Poo Poo On Your Juju' is out now (in the UK) on LP and CD. It features seven of Matt's best remixes, some of which have been deleted for quite some time, and one new track.
Also out now is the Suncoil Sect debut album, 'One Note Obscures Another', produced by Matt. More info when I find any.
31 january 2001
The tracklisting of the forthcoming 'I Poopoo On Your Joojoo' (or 'Juju', depending on who you listen to) remix compilation is now available. It features several of Matt's best remixes plus two new ones (as far as I know), and will be out on Domino (UK) on february 26th and Merge (USA) may 22nd.
9 january 2001
In february, Domino will release 'I Poopoo On Your Juju', a compilation of remixes The Third Eye Foundation has done for other people. Details to follow.
I stole Matt's Top 5 for 2000 from the Domino site:
  • Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain (Mute)
  • Faust box set (Recommended)
  • Saian Super Kru - KLR (source)
  • D'Angelo - Voodoo
  • Funkadelic box set (Charly)
Got a cool top 5 for 2000? Post it in the feedback section. I'd love to know what you people listen to.
2 january 2001
Happy new year! There's a great interview from 1998, send to me by Nick Talbot. It covers Planet Records, equipment, the analogue/dgital debate and Chris Morris. Check it out.