News (2002)

1 august 2002
It's confirmed: Matt will be playing in Paris, outside the Batofar, coming sunday, August 4th. There will be new material, it's summer and the gig is free - so anyone who can, check it out. And don't hesitate to bring a MiniDisc recorder (hint, hint).
The first "fanmixes" are up! HICC Org. provided 16(!) original interpretations of Third Eye tunes, so give them a listen (or click 'interpretations' in the menu on the left). More to follow.
22 july 2002
Matt returns! August 4, Matt will be playing live under his own name at the Festival Piratages in Paris, France. Apparently it is *not* a DJ set, but a performance of new material, post-3EF. More info at I'll pester Matt for details - stay tuned... (thanks - again - to Tony)
I've almost finished the first draft of the tributes page. The Happy Incident ColleCtive (HICC) have provided 16(!!) re-interpretations of 3EF songs, which will be available here shortly.
Anyone else who has his or her own remix or cover of 3EF songs - please mail me and I'll put your tunes online for everyone to hear.
13 june 2002
All you sampler-owners out there: submit your remixes, covers & tributes! The idea was triggered by Andy N. and endorsed by Matt - send me an mp3 of your Third Eye Foundation interpretations, plus some info on who/why/what, and you'll be featured on the soon to be created (when I find the time) "tributes" page. You might even win a t-shirt (ahem). Mail me for enquiries.
I've secured a copy of the 'What is it with you?' video - to be available for your viewing pleasure soon.
3 may 2002
Matt will do a DJ-set coming saturday, May 4th, in Oberhausen, Germany. I don't konw the venue, but it's part of a film festival going on there.
27 april 2002
There's a rumour that Third Eye Foundation will be playing live in Oberhausen, Germany on May 4th. I've been unable to confirm this, but I think the screening of the video for 'What is it with you?' during the 'Oberhausen Shorts - Sex, Rock 'N' Roll And History' programme at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival has caused some confusion (true, it took place in early April in Singapore (ahem), but it's the best Google came up with).
ANY information is very welcome (also about where to get a copy of the video)
Matt's been hinting (again) at the Secret Project he's working on on the site's feedback page... More info will be made available here (once I get any).
10 march 2002
Matt's 28 today. Happy birthday Matt!
27 january 2002
Although The Third Eye Foundation is still officially inactive, there are rumours of a special single being released in the near future... stay tuned for more info.