News (2003)

6 december 2003
More live pictures of Matt & Chris in Barcelona are to be found at (thanks Thomas).
16 november 2003
Earlier info on the new label was not totally correct; Matt's next album will be released on the electronic label 0101 Music, a division of Ici D'Ailleurs. Check out their site.
There are some nice live pictures of Matt & Chris in Spain to be found at Browse down in the small selectbox on the left to find them (thanks Maxi).
15 october 2003
Those subscribed to our newsletter may already know, but for the rest of you: Matt has signed to France label Ici D'Ailleurs and is planning on going in to the studio in December to record a new album! An early(ish) next year release looks possible, and maybe an extensive European tour after that. Stay tuned...
Matt's doing some gigs in France and Spain this fall:
  • 24th oct Festival Les 20 Ans de Radio Campus, Dijon, France
  • 31st oct Festival Les Rockomotives, Vendome, France (
  • 1st nov La Trocardiere, Nantes, France
  • 7th nov Tanned Tin Festival, Santander, Spain (
  • 8th nov CCM John Lennon, Limoges, France
  • 14th nov Sala Ricoamor, Castellon (TO BE CONFIRMED)
  • 15th nov Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain
  • 20th nov Sala El Sol, Madrid, Spain
All Spanish gigs are with Emak Bakia.
More may follow, so check back regularly (be sure to check the feedback page as well, as I'm away for a little vacation soon, but Matt will post new dates there if any are added).
11 june 2003
Andy N (Andy's website) provided me with a review of Matt's gig in Manchester. Read it here. Although the tour is almost over, there might be more concerts later this year (no promises, though).
If you've seen Matt play live, and liked the guy playing just before him (and cello with him) - he's called Chris and goes by the moniker of Many Fingers. He hasn't got a record out (yet), but if you liked it, drop him a line to let him know. He's a nice guy.
I'm introducing a newsletter, to keep people up to date on all things Matt/3ef. Have a look.
I haven't actually seen the webcast from the Paradiso (as I was in front of the stage), but I'm trying to find out if and when it will be put in the Fabchannel archive. More later.
21 may 2003
Hope you are all enjoying the album - I know I am. For those with a good internet connection: Fabchannel, an initiative of Paradiso Amsterdam and ISP XS4ALL, will be transmitting Matt's gig (which is being advertised as a Third Eye Foundation gig, by the way) at the Paradiso on june 9th. Matt's concert starts at 17:30, the transmission at 17:15. Quite early, but it's a public holiday, so who cares! Fabchannel have a bunch of other concerts in their archive, so check them out.
Some new tourdates in Germany have been added halfway through june; see the schema below.
Matt's been so good to provide me with the lyrics to the new album. Check them out
There's a nice interview in The Big Chill. Be sure to check it out (thanks to Ady).
18 april 2003: something else now
In the last week before the release of 'The Mess We Made', we @ feel you've heard enough of the album to rush out and buy it next week, so to end the string of previews, we give you a non-album track, a different version of the 'Borderline Schizophrenic' single, featuring Kat Anderson on vocals. Very nice - with thanks to Matt.
A pop-up should have popped up on opening this page; if not, click here.
Added details of the single and album to the discography.
Matt's doing a series of concerts in may and june:
  • 9th may cheinlit festival nancy france (with encre)
  • 11th may guingette piratages, paris
  • 12th may la lune des pirates, amiens france (with smog)
  • 21st may sanctuary cellar bar, brighton, uk
  • 22nd may portland arms cambridge uk
  • 24th may stereo glasgow scotland
  • 25th may barfly, liverpool, uk
  • 26th may tmesis bar manchester, uk
  • 27th may the rescue rooms, nottingham, uk
  • 28th may barfly cardiff, wales
  • 29th may cube cinema, bristol, uk
  • 30th may the wheatsheaf, oxford, uk (support: ouvaris & elizabeth; click for more info)
  • 3rd june barfly/play louder singles club, london
  • 6th june scheune, dresden, germany
  • 9th june paradiso, amsterdam, holland (starts 17:30!; support: au (16:30))
  • 10th june kampnagel, hamburg, germany
  • 11th june magnet club berlin, germany
  • 15th june k4/centralcafé, nuernberg, germany
9 april 2003: preview no. 5
This week a preview of the track Cotard's Syndrome, track number five from 'The Mess We Made' A pop-up should have popped up on opening this page; if not, click here.
28 march 2003: 4th preview - another exclusive!
Another preview - for the coming period it's an alternative version of the album's title track, 'The Mess We Made' - another web exclusive (thanks again, Matt)! A pop-up should have popped up on opening this page; if not, click here.
20 march 2003: third preview
After a slight hiccup, we're back with a new track. This time it's an alternative version of 'The Dog Beneath The Skin' - a web exclusive (thanks to Matt)! The original can be found on the upcoming album 'The Mess We Made' - but we @ like this version just as well. A pop-up should have popped up on opening this page; if not, click here.
Also, there's a new Third Eye Foundation (the name lives on, apparently) remix out soon (now?) of a track by Ulver. Check it out.
If you're in London the 25th of march, maybe you can try to fight your way into Toynbee Hall to see Matt do a one-off show. Ofcourse you could also mail Domino and beg for tickets: Check out their news page.
4 march 2003: second track preview from The Mess We Made
'Also Ran', the second preview in Real Audio from the upcoming album 'The Mess We Made' is online! The pop-up should have popped up on opening this page; if not, click here.
27 february 2003: first preview from The Mess We Made
The first preview in Real Audio from the upcoming album 'The Mess We Made' is online! The pop-up should have popped up on opening this page; if not, click here.
5 february 2003: new album & single details
what a mess...And so, Matt returns: as already hinted at by Matt himself on the feedback page, Domino Records will be releasing a new limited edition single in March entitled "Borderline Schizophrenic", followed a month later by an album called "The Mess We Made", both under the appropriate name of Matt Elliott. Yeah!
In cooperation with Domino Records, will be hosting previews of tracks from the album in the weeks leading up to the release, so check back regularly. In the meantime, check out more details, images and links to mp3's for Borderline Schizophrenic and The Mess We Made. We have some new images of the man as well. Many thanks to Jamie @ Domino for the images & the info. Also check out Matt's page at the Domino site.