News (2005)

December 14th, 2005
It took a while (sorry guys), but I finally added Hangar Hagard's interpretation of Matt's music to the interpretations page. Have a listen, it's worth it!
December 9th, 2005
Matt's Spanish label Acuarela has released a compilation titled "Songs To Break God's Heart" which features a new version of Lost by Matt in collaboration with Manyfingers. There's a sound sample at Boomkat so you can have a listen before you buy.
November 8th, 2005
Matt's on tour in Europe this month. Go see him!
July 25th, 2005
Added some beautiful pictures taken by Dennis Scharlau at a recent gig at the U-Club in Wuppertal. Have a look at the gallery on the club's website, there's some nice shots of Yann from Thee, Stranded Horse as well
Also, there's a nice interview with Matt on touring, the next album, living in France and other stuff, all in Only Angels Have Wings zine (thanks to Sébastien).
June 20th, 2005
I've added another eyewitness account of Matt (and Manyfingers) playing live (thanks to Andy N). Go see him while you can.
1 june 2005
Some more concerts have been added - see the concert page for details. Go see him while you can.
And if you want to know what to exepect, there's a review here, courtesy of Graham.
16 may 2005
Ici D'Ailleurs are now selling 'Drinking Songs' t-shirts! Availiable in stylish grey or classy red.
Go here to see and order them. Definitely a shirt you can be seen wearing to you local pub.
25 april 2005
'Drinking Songs' should be a little easier to get now, at least in Europe. Here's some online retailers that you can try (and the nice things they had to say about the album):
  • Norman Records (UK) ("...I reckon this is the best thing he's done in fact...")
  • Rough Trade (UK) ("...choirs and echoes give an almost mystical dimension to the album...")
  • Boomkat (UK)("...Incredibly moving music and another quiet masterpiece - enough to make you an alcoholic...")
  • The mighty HICC, who previously remixed a bunch of 3EF tracks have remade several Matt Elliott tracks. Have a listen over here, there's some inventive mixes among them.
    And while we're on the subject: a couple of years ago, I promised a 3EF t-shirt to everyone who submitted his or her own 3EF or Matt Elliott remix. Lo and behold, no one did! But the offer still stands so send me all your homework and I will publish it on the site. Probably.
    27 march 2005
    There's a new interview with Matt in the Swiss Exit Music zine. They have a review of Drinking Songs as well. Both in German, but you can always try Babelfish.
    26 march 2005
    More Drinking Tour gigs on the Iberian peninsula; see the concert overview.
    24 march 2005
    A bunch of UK concerts have been announced! Check out the concert overview.
    23 february 2005
    Matt has provided us with the lyrics to Drinking Songs. Go to the discography and click the 'read the lyrics' link.
    14 february 2005
    Renaud de Foville has made a beautiful video for 'What's Wrong' available on the site of Le Cargo webzine. Click here to see it in Real Video. Check out the main site as well, as there is a review of the new album.
    Today, Drinking Songs is released in Spain by Acuarela Discos.
    Those wishing to purchase Drinking Songs, for now it is best to try at one of the two labels, Ici D'Ailleurs (€15, €1 postage) and Acuarela Discos (€13, €2 postage outside Europe); or, ofcourse, pester you local dealer to import it.
    For those wishing to check out Drinking Songs befgore buying it (tsk), here's some Real Audio sound samples:
    What's wrong
    The guilty party
    What the fuck am I doing on this battelfield?
    The Kursk
    There's some nice live photo's from last september at Glaz'art at (thanks to O:liv). Check out the main site as well, there are some nice articles, reviews and interviews (if you can read French).
    Some concerts coming up:
    • The show at Le Café de la Danse in Paris on 28th february has been rescheduled. It will now be at Mains d'Oeuvres ( on the 9th of March with Micro Mega & the awesome Manyfingers. It will be the full set with Chris Cole on vioncello & to be honest it's worth coming to catch Chris's solo set anyway.
    • April 2nd, Matt will be playing the Rhâââh Lovely Festival in Fernelmont (Cortil-Wodon), Belgium. Other acts include Hood, The Durutti Column, Red Sparowes, Manyfingers and Stafraenn Hŕkon, so it's definitely worth checking out. More info is available on (flyer below)
    • April 7th, Lune des Pirates, Amiens, France. Starts at 20:30, support by Clair Obscur.

    7 february 2005
    Drinking Songs has been released! Another fine album by Matt. See the album's details; click on the cover for the beautiful cover art. I'll get a list up soon where to get it.
    Some nice pictures of a recent instore performance at (thanks Vincent).
    14 january 2005
    Some gigs soon:
    • 15th january - Point Ephemere, 190-206 Quai de Valmy, 75010, Paris, France (opening for My Jazzy Child & Encre)
    • 16th january - MJC Maison Blanche, Reims, France
    The release of 'Drinking Songs' is set for early february.