News (2008)

October 31st, 2008
Nice words from the good people over at Norman Records:
"...This LP is elusive, otherworldly and full of the sort of delightful mystery that you'll want to keep attempting to unravel on repeated listenings. Maybe it's the soundtrack to a rickety knees-up at a demented, surreal lock-in.. Or maybe it's the sound of the last man in the world sat serenading a skeleton outside a Parisian cafe backed by travelling band of ghosts playing out the back of their rotting caravan. The beauty of this incredibly evocative record is that you'll constantly be coming up with your own ridiculous ideas and imagery which is a fine gift to be given. Although there isn't much of a similarity in terms of their sounds I think he and Alexander Tucker are doing very similar things, creating their own little worlds by suggesting links between aspects of our own that we wouldn't normally be able to see. Fantastic stuff!- Brett x"
So, head over there an buy the damn thing. They have the vinyl as well, which looks fantastic.
October 20th, 2008
Some live dates for the near future have been added.
And if he's not coming to your neigbourhood, you can always check out this:
A radio session from Octover 8th for French radio program "Planet Claire" on Aligre FM is available online. Go here to stream it or download the program directly as mp3 file. Matt's sessions starts at about 30 minutes into the program (thanks to Sam).
October 5th, 2008
For those in places without any local record stores - and there's more of us every day - Howling Songs can now be ordered online from Ici D'ailleus. Click here for the CD, or here for the vinyl.
October 5th, 2008
I've now placed Howling Songs samples and artwork online. Go here to listen & here to see!
The album will be released this month, not just on CD but also on double vinyl, which, according to insiders, is going to look even more impressive than the CD.
August 29th, 2008
Hello again after a long period of silence. News has reached us that, after Drinking and Failing, the the third part of Matt's trilogy, titled "Howling Songs", is ready for release in october through Ici d'Ailleurs.
Both tracklisting and the cover art look pretty promising:

  1. The Kübler-Ross model
  2. Something about ghosts
  3. How much in blood?
  4. A broken flamenco
  5. Berlin & Bisenthal
  6. I name this ship the tragedy, bless her & all who sail with her
  7. The howling song
  8. Song for a failed relationship
  9. Bomb the stock exchange

More news when I get it!