News (2009)

October 30th, 2009
Ici D'Ailleurs have announced "Songs", a lavish box set compiling "Drinking Songs", "Failing Songs" and "Howling Songs". Also included is a fourth album with previously unreleased songs from the same period, called "Failed Songs". The set will be available as a 4 CD's or 7 LP's. In addition, if you order the set from Diva, Ici D'Ailleurs' mail order, you get the "Live @ Le Grand Mix" DVD. Who could resist?
For those who already own the original albums, the label will eventually also release "Failed Songs" as a separate CD. The same goes for the first two LP's, which haven't been available on vinyl before.
The Immortal Coil's "The Dark Age of Love" is now available everywhere and receiving great reviews. (Norman Records: "...There have been a few tribute albums since but what I'm hearing of 'The Dark Age Of Love' sounds like it may well be the finest..."; Boomkat: "...'The Dark Age Of Love' is the sort of release we could rattle on about all day, and should be recommended to anyone of a musically sensitive disposition regardless of whether they've heard a Coil record or not. Excellent.")
Ici D'Ailleurs also hints at the return of The Third Eye Foundation, with a new album in the near future. We'll keep you posted.
July 1st, 2009
Ici D'Ailleurs have announced "The Dark Age Of Love", an album of reinterpretations of songs by Coil. Rather than being just another tribute compilation like the many that appeared after the tragic death of Coil's John Balance in november 2004, "The Dark Age Of Love" was recorded as a proper album by a collective of artists operating under the name This Immortal Coil. Members include Yann Tiersen, Sylvain Chauveau, Will Oldham and Matt Elliott.
Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, Coil's surviving half, describes the album as "The most extra-ordinary, beautiful, and moving, re-interpretations of Coil I have ever heard!". Serious praise from someone who was a member of TG, Psychic TV and Coil!
Go to for more information, and to MySpace for sound samples.
Apparently, during the sessions for "The Dark Age of Love", Yann Tiersen offered Matt Elliott to participate on his new album, "Dust Lane". Not sure when that will be recorded or released, but we'll keep you posted.