News (2011)

November 25th, 2011
The download version of 'The Broken Man' is now available at Ici D'Ailleurs.
Meanwhile, Matt's made available the demo of the non-album track Gloomy Sunday over at Bandcamp. That should brighten your day.
November 16th, 2011
And if you need convincing, please check out the beautiful new track "Dust Flesh and Bones" over at Bandcamp.
November 15th, 2011

In case you missed our previous announcement:

In less than two weeks, Ici D'Ailleurs will launch a special campaign promoting Matt's new album, "The Broken Man". The record is released in physical formats at the end of the year, but you can already purchase "The Broken Man" as download from November 24th for only €2. Crisis or not, you should be able to scratch that together. Furthermore, anyone who purchases the digital download - available only through Ici D'Ailleurs - gets a €2 discount when buying the real thing once it is released in December. The album will be available in a bunch of formats: CD, vinyl, a special vinyl edition and an even more special edition for those of you who get there first. In the meantime, the digital release will be available as mp3 and lossless WAV-files.

To get an idea of what the new album will sound like, check this blurb:

The Songs Trilogy is over, A new chapter entitled "The Broken Man" is about to open and is the most delicate of Elliott's albums to date. The angry noise has all but abated, making way for more fragile melodies and a more subtle approach to intensity to immerse the listener. Ideally listened to in total darkness to discover the hope hidden deep within the guitars, voice, choirs, bells, ethereal trumpets, the howl of the dog beneath the skin, in the sincerity of the music. Inspired by the ghosts of European folk music, the voice often resigned but always expressive.
And apparently there will be a song on the album called "If Anyone Ever Tells Me That it is Better to Have Loved and Lost Than to Have Never Loved At All I Will Stab Them in the Face". Amen.

November 7th, 2011
The next Matt Elliott album -"The Broken Man"- will be in shops on January 16th 2012 but due to massive changes in the world of music, myself and Ici D'ailleurs have decided to release this album in a different way, as an experiment.

As there seems to be no way of preventing our albums being exchanged for nothing before they are even released, we will make the mp3 album available for when the promos are sent out..

There will be various formats (mp3, WAV, CD, vinyl, a special vinyl edition and an even more special edition for the ones who get there first) which you can pre-order from 24th November direct from and with each pre-order you will receive an mp3 copy of the album to listen to while you wait for the physical copy to be delivered, which if all goes to plan we will ship at the end of the year.

For those who simply cannot afford or don't want the physical release, the mp3 format will be available from the 24th November for 2 direct from If you then decide to buy the physical release, your download code will get you 2 reduction from the price of the physical copy.

Go to and sign up to be kept up to date.
October 14th, 2011
Ici D'Ailleurs now have a new limited edition 7inch available with two tracks from Matt's upcoming album "The Broken Man". The songs are a:
  • A. Dust Flesh And Bones (radio edit)
  • B. The Pain That's Yet To Come
Head over to the Ici D'Ailleurs shop to order a copy.

September 11th, 2011
So it's been a bit quiet over here lately, but Matt is most definitely alive and kicking (against the powers that be, most likely). If you're on f*ckbook, seek out the user "Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation" to keep up with what Matt's up to.
In the meantime:
Ici D'Ailleurs have updated their website, including Matt's artist page. Additionally, they have just issued both Drinking Songs and Failing Songs on vinyl as deluxe gatefold double albums. Head over to their site to indulge in your vinyl fantasies.
Matt's recently put up a Third Eye Foundation DJ set from the olden days up on Soundcloud. Go here to listen and download.
Matt's remixing a track by Japanese rock band/orchestra Vampillia, which should be a great combination. Check their Alchemic Heart mini-album to get a taste of their massive noise-rock.
More news coming in a little while, and possibly a website update, so check back soon.