Hood: Useless  7"
UK: Domino RUG60 (1997)
Produced by Matt Elliott.
B.The sea against the sand    
Useless (front)

Hood: Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys  LP/CD
UK: Domino WIG(CD)42 (1998)
Production and some instruments by Matt Elliott.
A.S.E. Rain patterns    
  Boer farmstead    
  The light reveals the place    
B.Your ambient voice    
  The leaves grow old and fall and die    
  Diesel pioneers    
Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys (front)

Hood: The Cycle Of Days And Seasons  LP/CD
UK: Domino WIG(CD)61 (1999)
Co-produced by Matt Elliott.
A.Western housing concerns    
  Hood is finished    
  September brings the autumn dawn    
  In iron light    
B.How can you drag your body blindly through?    
  Houses tilting towards the sea    
  Roads lead northwards    
  ...The cliff edge of workaday morality    
The Cycle Of Days And Seasons (front)

Navigator: Assay  [instrumental single version]  
Mixed by Matt Elliott.
EP 2x7"/CD (UK: Noisebox Records NBX028) [side A; CD track 1]
2x7" on opaque vinyl, limited to 500 copies. CD limited to 1000 copies.
Noisebox Singles 1996-97 CD (UK: Noisebox Records NBX041 - 1998/unreleased?) [track 1]
A remix of Assay appears on Navigator's Remixes 7"
Assay (front)Noisebox Singles 1996-97 (front)

Navigator: Assay  [album version]
Mixed by Navigator & Matt Elliott.
Nostalgie LP/CD (UK: Swarffinger Records SF032(LP/CD) - 1998) [track 5]
A remix of Assay appears on Navigator's Remixes 7"
Nostalgie (front)

Suncoil Sect: Freeform Energy Freakout
Recorded with Matt Elliott.
Freeform Energy Freakout 12" (UK: Rocket Recordings LAUNCH 010 - 2000)
limited to 1000 copies. Also features a Foehn remix.
Freeform Energy Freakout (front)

Suncoil Sect: One Note Obscures Another
The tracks 'Hi-fiction science', 'There is no life without sleeping' and 'Some kind of itch' (co)produced by Matt Elliott.
'Freeform energy freakout' mixed by Matt.
One Note Obscures Another LP/CD (UK: Rocket Recordings LAUNCH 014 - 2001)
One Note Obscures Another (front)

Tomorrow's World: Kites Are Fun
Theresa, Jez, Karl & Rupert make up Tomorrow's World, a Bristol instrumental/vocal harmony group formed from the remains of Vision On. Influences (essentially 1960s) range from various television and film soundtracks to bands such as The Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Association. The (desired) result is light '60s pop with a slightly jazzy edge.
Says Tomorrow's World: '...we've always recorded in Bristol. The latest recordings were engineered & co-produced by John Pickford, a '60s fanatic with a Joe Meek box & huge valve compressor, which basically transforms any recording into a 7" pop single! We did 'Kites Are Fun' with Matt Elliott (aka Third Eye Foundation, believe it or not)."
various: Songs For The Jet Set CD (SPA: If.../Siesta SIESTA 66 - 1997) [track 11]
various: Songs For The Jet Set - Supreme Edition CD (UK: Úl Records/Cherry Red ACME 29 - 1997)
various: Songs For Marshmallow Lovers CD (Marina Records MA32 - 1997) [track 11]
Songs For The Jet Set (front)Songs For The Jet Set - Supreme Edition (front)Songs For Marshmallow Lovers (front)

Wigwam: One Star Awake
'One Star Awake' engineered by Matt Elliott.
Wigwam was formed by Richard King who once ran Planet Records in Bristol, and also features Frances Morgan, Sarah Chilvers, Sam Davies and Sam Jones.
Wigwam: One Star Awake (UK: Peace Corps Projects OM03CD - 2006)
One Star Awake (front)