The Party Gone Wrong
by Hangar Hagard
   Matt "Third Eye Foundation" Elliott is one of our deeply revered musicians. François, the cellist, has always been listening to his music, and converted Kevin, the pianist, a couple of years ago.

   This year, with the release of Drinking Songs and moreover with the proposition Maarten made later on on the website, the idea of interpretating Matt's music in our own way slowly emerged. But it wasn't until late June, when we finally were able to see Matt perform live that we began working on this track. We spent the whole summer, from late June to late August, improvising, composing, reggaeing, trying (and rarely managing) to play tuned cello, programming beats or recording every tinkling object in our houses. The task was hard, as this music was part of our influences, so we had to force ourselves in our own way. We eventually ended up with this track.

   It's called "The Party Gone Wrong". It is actually a rework of "The Guilty Party" and "What's Wrong", from Matt's last album. The first version we did was 8 parts, 13 minutes long. The final version is 5 parts, 6 minutes long. We worked hard on this one, we hope that you'll like it, as Maarten and Matt apparently have.

   We just want to thank again Matt for his haunting music and his kindness, and Maarten for giving us this opportunity. This was our first "remix" work and as a young team it helped us shaping and improving our own style.

Further information and other compositions can be found at our own website:

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