Third Eye Foundation Remixes by HICC Org.
Hicc Org - a description.

What is Hicc? The Hicc org (sometimes referred to as the Happy Incident ColleCtive) is a loose group of artist, musicians, poets, sculptors and loonies who inspire, collaborate, criticize and promote each others work in the vain attempt to 1) improved the groups collective outpourings and 2) get noticed.

Why do we bother? In the words of Billy Piper, "because we want to, because we want to".

Where is Hicc Based? It's not really based any where (except in our heads). Hicc members are geographically distributed, who ever key sights of activity are focused around the Bournemouth, Manchester and Southampton areas.

Ok so who controls Hicc? Umm, well no one really. An idea one member has, will fed to the group to do (or not too) what the individual members like. That's why on any given project (especially music) such a numerous amount of artists may feature.

Who decides what Hicc releases / doesn't release? Hicc Quality control is by group consensus after discussion by snail mail, email and phone conversations.

What can Hicc do for me? We don't know until you ask. There's no need to be shy now. do you want one of your tracks remixed, We love and re-arranging other peoples work. You want some art work? we can probably help you their as well.
Want to collaborate or share your skills? there's always room for more.

There's no harm in asking is there!

Contact Hicc by email:

HICC remixed 16 (!) Third Eye Foundation tracks:
  • Lost (Ergo)
  • In Leeds With Da Weed (W.A.T. - Against animal cruelty)
  • Lost (Lucky Punk)
  • Lost (Sleeplessness' Buried in the Grave mix)
  • Kind (Shanks Pony and Ergo)
  • Lost (in the Beats - DJ Kicked)
  • Lost (Shanks Pony)
  • Kind (Shanks Pony and Lucky Punk)
  • Galaxy of Scars (Seven Ages Done mix)
  • Lions writing the Bible (UK Dragon)
  • Kind (Walk/Don't Walk)
  • Are you still a Cliché (Whispers in the Wind mix - Theory Not Thought)
  • Lost (Ergo) [#2]
  • Half a Tiger (Shanks Pony)
  • Kind (Walk/Don't Walk) [#2]
  • Donald Crowhurst (Drive's Lesly Crowther mix)

  • More or less the same tracks can also be found here.