In 2002, I invited people to send me their remixes/covers/versions of 3EF's or Matt's songs.
Not many people responded, but those that did totally deserve their place on this page. Give them a listen and see what you think.

If you have a track or tracks that you think could or should be here, let me know

Andrymi 10 and Andrymi 12 by Varši
Two tracks by Icelandic artist Vardi, partly inspired by The Third Eye Foundation. These tracks,
from 1999, were intended for an EP called Awaiting Suffocation. Says Varši:
"The whole sound of it is very primitive, especially because the gear used was very basic.
I had to my disposal a Macintosh SE with a very simple sequencer installed, which is called
Super Studio Session. It's basically an 8 track sampler, with limited array of 8 bit samples.
The guitars were recorded on an 8 track digital recorder. This was then mixed down to cassette.
I was listening to a lot of Third Eye Foundation stuff at the time, especially the second LP.
So these tracks bear an imprint of that sound."
Check out more by Varši here or here.

The Party Gone Wrong by Hangar Hagard
Two french guys make two songs from Matt's Drinking Songs in one new composition of their own.
It's the first time they've done anything like this, which makes the result is extra amazing.

Third Eye Foundation remixes by HICC Org.
The HICC collective were *really* inspired and came up with 16(!) Third Eye Foundation remixes.
The effort alone makes them worth checking out.
And as if that's not enough, Keith Hic did some more remixes of songs from The Mess We Made.