What is it with you?
directed by Daniela Sieling
This video won the third price in the Muvi-Awards during the Oberhausener Short Film Days 2001. Quite an achievement, more so when you know that it was made on a production budget of just 60 German Marks. For, director Daniela Sieling reports on the history of the project:

"Last year, I also made a video, for the song "Das bisschen besser" by Die Sterne, for the Muvi-Award at the Oberhausener Short Film Days. I was very pleased with the result, so I asked Matthew Elliot (The Third Eye Foundation) whether it would be okay if I used his music for a video. He immediately agreed, so I shot it in four evenings in my living room, in December 2000. The actors: four friends and me.
I used a 3-Chip Sony camera, and then cut it in about a week in January 2001 on my Pentium 2 computer using Adobe Premiere 4.2. Doing it was great, since I could do everything myself. It cost me about 60 German Marks for the material.

The idea is based on the theme of the music. When I heard the piece, I had immediately pictured arguing humans. That was my guideline, everything else followed more or less intuitively from there.
In the video, a woman is seen sitting at the kitchentable, with four different people, talking to her. She herself says nothing, and behaves rather passively. Then the four suddenly get excited and come on to her aggressively - an everyday form of mutual Vampirism or identity exchange."

Who looks at this beautiful work of Daniela Sieling should in any case see it through to the end. Only in the last quarter one sees, parallel to the deconstruction of the musical theme, how what's happening in the up to that point peaceful kitchen escalates.
Loss of distance and crossing boundaries come into the play, cause and effect of the human motive for aggression lie on the dissection table. Is that Vampirism? Abel Ferrara, report please.

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